In 1998 Richie Hawtin and Katrin Schotfeldt met for the first time at the Cocoon booking agency where Katrin had just started working. During the summer they organised the first PLASTIKMAN/ ARTIFACTS tour together which resulted in a hugely successful 10 day tour of Germany the following Autumn.

Since then, they have continued to forge a highly productive working relationship which recently led them to realise it was time to find new ways of expanding their collaboration. So, in August 2004, the pair reluctantly decided to part company with their long term partner Cocoon Booking and go it alone. In 1998 Hawtin had already reduced the manpower of Plus 8 to concentrate on something smaller and more specialised, founding the label M_NUS.

September 2004 gave new vision to Katrin and Richie in the form of the name – CLONK. Defined as “a dull, metallic sound” or “strange sounds for strange times” or simple as “being open to strange things within electronic music”; CLONK is a new little family/(circle) who have come together as potential producers, DJs and live performers of minimal electronic/ techno oriented sounds.

CLONK supports a select band of artists on releases and connected tours, giving each individual artist a platform to reach their potential with the aim of furthering their intellectual capacity as much as possible. CLONK doesn’t pretend to be a leading brand but confidently promotes and supports each artist’s unique presentation of their creative work. Furthermore, with a wealth of experience gained over the years, Richie Hawtin is on hand to support the artists in all matters regarding music management, releases, production and dealing with record companies.

The CLONK Family is dedicated to finding new ways of both enhancing and furthering the unique appeal of this special kind of electronic music.